Top 6 Workout Motivation Tips For Beginners

Last update: 2021-01-26

If you're like the majority of the people in the world, you have a hard time staying motivated to work out. Working out can seem like an inconvenience at times, so it's understandably difficult to remain motivated.

However, there are plenty of ways to help you get workout motivation, stay active and stick to your regimen. It's important to understand that everyone is different, so you will get motivated differently than your friends. Here are six ways that would help you.

1. Set Goals

Top 6 Workout Motivation Tips For Beginners

If you don't have a target that you're trying to reach, then you don't have anything to aim for.Setting goals should be your number one priority when you work out. Having different goals will give you something to shoot at and stay motivated.

When setting your goals, be sure to set them at a level that can be reached. If you set them too high, then you might get frustrated easily. If you set them too low, then you won't be pushing yourself.

Finding and setting goals to push you a little bit, but are still in reach, will help you to stay active and track your progress. Look at your goals every day and ask yourself whether the actions that you took that day moved you closer or farther away from your goals. This habit is beneficial for helping you stay on track.

2. Be Creative

Doing the same old workout every day gets you bored after a while. Not to mention your muscles often get used to the same routine and you may experience a stall in your weight loss or muscle building efforts.

Do different exercises every day to keep your body guessing. You don't always have to use free weights when you lift weights. You could even move some heavy things around the house to use different muscles in your body.

Any types of physical activities are great for getting you get closer to achieving your goals. Doing creative workouts will help you avoid the repetitiveness and could prevent you from falling into the boredom trap.

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3. Make Working Out Fun

Top 6 Workout Motivation Tips For Beginners

If you're enjoying exercising, then working out does not seem a hard work. You could do this by joining some recreational leagues, like softball, basketball or football, in order to keep in shape and stay motivated.

Getting your friends involved also can bring you a lot of fun. Whether you like to do intense workouts or just take casual walks for exercise, having a buddy by your side will make working out a lot more fun. There's also the accountability factor, so you will hold your friend accountable for attending the workouts and vice versa.

Setting daily workout goals is also a good way to challenge yourself. You could set a goal to reach a certain time in your workout or lift a certain amount of weight. If you have some friends that you're working out with, you could bring to them the same benefits that you can gain.

The happier you are while you're working out, the more likely you are to push yourself and stay motivated as you continue to work out.

4. Reward Yourself

Top 6 Workout Motivation Tips For Beginners

It's human nature to feel appreciated and rewarded when we do something good. Unless you have a personal trainer, it's up to you to reward yourself for achieving your workout goals.

These don't have to be expensive rewards or ones that will push you further away from your goals. Small rewards like taking a day off after you reach your goals will keep you motivated.

If you have a diet plan that you are sticking with, you could consider giving yourself an extra cheat day if you exceed your weekly goals. As long as you aren't the type of person that completely gets off your workout schedule if you take a day off, then rewarding yourself in this manner is useful for you.

Small rewards occasionally shouldn't deter you from working out. In fact, they should help you increase your motivation since you want to look forward to the next reward!

5. Don't Stress Out

Top 6 Workout Motivation Tips For Beginners

One of the main reasons why people quit their workout efforts is because they stress themselves out too much. This could be a result of setting too high of goals or other external factors.

If you aren't reaching the weight that you want or if you don't feel like your workouts are doing any good, the worst thing you could do is get discouraged and stress yourself out. Stress is awful for the body and leaves you thinking negative thoughts.

When you feel like you are stressing out about your workouts for some reason, just get out there and continue working out. Exercising is a great stress release method, so you'll feel better once you get out there.

6. Keep a Diary or Notebook

Top 6 Workout Motivation Tips For Beginners

Tracking your workout progress is a fantastic way to stay motivated. There are a variety of ways that you can document your workouts to make them fun.

For example, if you are running a mile one day, set a time goal and write it down. Once you get finished, write your actual time next to it. If you don't reach the goal, then keep trying until you do reach it, and then adjust the time goal after that.

Writing down your workouts and results is a great way to stay motivated because you can recap exactly what you did. Sometimes it may seem like you aren't making progress over a span of a few weeks, but if you look at your notebook, you'll probably be surprised to see the progress that you actually have been making.

Final Thoughts

Staying motivated to work out is easier said than done. No matter how easy you think it is, even the most mentally tough people have times where they just aren't motivated.

Try out these tips as you do your exercises and see which ones work best for you. If one isn't working, then try a new one to keep your motivation level as high as it can be!

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