Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

Last update: 2022-05-21

Have you just dumped on with a big batch of snow in the backyard?

Are you looking for effective ways to separate your children from TVs, tablets, and smartphones?

Then, keep reading! I’ve compiled a full list of the 11 best snow games to play with kids and they’re surely fun.

Snow Tubing

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

Snow tubing is a perfect game for kids of most ages to try this winter. Take note that it is a bit faster than snow sledding, which requires parents to guide and watch out for their children more. But it is still a worth-a-try snow game.

Go to a nearby big hill or take advantage of your driveway/walkway/lawn as long as it is hilly enough.

Buy a snow tube or recycle old pool floats, and enjoy.


Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

For younger kids, this is a safer yet very fun snow game that parents also can join. Be sure to prepare a winter sport helmet (or a bike helmet) and a safety sled with brakes or it can be steered.

Build A Snowman

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

This is one of the most popular snow activities that parents can join with their kids. Make it a friendly competition with appealing prizes between your kids to find out the most creative and impressive snowman.

Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is the oldest flashlight game yet most loved by tweens and teens. The rules of this game are varied but in general, choose one person to be “It” while other players think tag, then hide-and-seek in the dark.

“It” will try to use the flashlight to spot other players hiding in the dark.

Snow flashlight tag game is a bit different, “It” does not need to touch other players physically, but just catch them in the light beam and call out your name.

Build A Snow Fort

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

The game is best to start when the temperature drops to 19.4 degrees F (equivalent to -7 degrees Celsius) because it helps your snow fort last longer.

Anything can be utilized to build a snow fort, even a trash can.

Parents should think about adequate safety measures to build your snow fort. Hold a friendly competition between your kids to find out who can make the biggest fort. Don’t forget to prepare an attractive prize.

Practice Writing Vocabulary Words

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

I recommend the game for kids from 6 to 10 years old. This is a great way for kids to revise their lessons during winter break and for parents to gain some precious minutes of quiet inside.

What you need to prepare are just a few twigs, sticks, or anything that can write on the snow.

Set a safe place in your backyard or front yard for kids to play there. Tell them that when they spell correctly in the snow 5, 10, or 15 of their first-semester vocab words, you will come out.

Have A Snowball Fight

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

This snow game has no bounds in the number of participants or age ranges. The only thing that parents should prepare is warm clothes.

You should also set a rule that all players aren’t allowed to aim at the eyes or ears of the others for safety.

Snowballs should be made of only snow without adding anything else to them.

And, have a “safety word” that any player can call to stop the game when somebody is in trouble.

For extra fun, build a snow fort to increase hiding spots and start a snowball fight.

Make Snow Cookies

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

Take advantage of unused cookie cutters and cookie sheets. Bring them and your kids to the backyard. Show your kids how to pack snow into them and transfer “cookies” onto a cookie plate or sheet.

To make it more fun, hold a fair where your kids can trade their snow cookies. Use bottle caps, leaves, or sticks as a kind of money.

Make Snow Angels

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

With this game, you don’t need to prepare anything but just a thick pile of snow. Show your kids how amazing it feels to lay down on your back and move your arms and legs to create a beautiful snow angel.

Snow Art

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

The game is particularly loved by kids who love drawing or making art pieces. Hold a friendly competition between kids with a great prize to make the activity more fun.

If you have time and resources, prepare some spray bottles filled with colored water, then give them to your kids. Spray the water out a masterpiece will make it more beautiful and look interesting.

Or, simply draw on the snow using sticks, rocks, or anything like that.

Winter Hopscotch

Best Snow Games to Play with Kids

Mix food coloring with water, then transfer to a spraying bottle. Make different colored water bottles to make the hopscotch board more beautiful and attractive.

Now, spray it on the snow to outline the hopscotch board. Let your kids give you a hand.

Follow the traditional hopscotch rules and start the game.


I hope that you have enjoyed these 11 best snow games to play with kids and isolate them from social media, video games, and TVs. Create good memories and have fun. Thanks a lot for reading!

Nancy Lang
Nancy Lang

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