6 Best Running Jackets For Rain of 2020

Jogging in the rain can be exhilarating. But if running is a part of your life and you do it all year round, don’t let a little precipitation to discourage you.

Do you know that running in the rain can be very stylish and enthusiastic?

The invention of the poncho has allowed sweat-wicking and waterproofing technology to combine in a jacket.

Well! As long as I tackle a bunch of rainproof jackets out there, it brought to me to conclude some of the best running jackets for rain. Not only do they look classy but also fit the bill. Make sure you don’t skip any.

Here are the best running jackets for rain:

  • Best Overall: The North Face Women's Resolve Jacket
  • Best For Moderate Rain: Marmot Women's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket
  • Best For Layering: Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker Women Packable Raincoat
  • Best For Wild Runs: COLUMBIA Men's Watertight Breathable Rain Jacket
  • Best For All Seasons: EZRUN Men's Rain Jacket
  • Best For Cold Days: SWISSWELL Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear
Top 6 Best Running Jackets For Rain
Best Overall
The North Face Women's Resolve Jacket
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    Best For Moderate Rain
    Marmot Women's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket
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      Best For Layering
      Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker Women Packable Raincoat
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        Best For Wild Runs
        COLUMBIA Men's Watertight Breathable Rain Jacket
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          Best For All Seasons
          EZRUN Men's Rain Jacket
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            Best For Cold Days
            SWISSWELL Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear
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              Women’s Running Jackets

              Best Overall: The North Face Women's Resolve Jacket

              The North Face Women's Resolve Jacket
              • Snug fit
              • Super lightweight
              • Packable for backpack
              • Durable material

              • Hood can cover your eyes when on
              • Zipper may get broken

              I bought this North Face Resolve for my niece to encourage her to exercise. I didn’t expect her to wear it under the rain, but she told me she got caught and came back top-dry.

              This fantastic shell jacket is lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. The way it keeps you dry relies on a seam-sealed DryVent 2L shell made to shield every permeable spot. This kind of material is also windproof.

              The unit looks nice with a lovely feminine cut. On the top, there is a thick high collar to keep your neck warm. Looking to the inside, it includes a soft brush chin guard and breathable mesh lining that helps draw away from your skin. All around, it keeps you comfortable whilst you’re active.

              The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket Specifications


              14.4 ounces


              Mesh, Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane

              Highlight Features

              The material is durable and long-lasting.

              Seam-sealed DryVent 2L shell blocks all drops and wind


              The North Face Resolve jacket is an overall good one to tackle with you any on running section.

              Best For Moderate Rain: Marmot Women's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

              Marmot Women's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket
              • Lightweight
              • True to size
              • Versatile
              • Decent pockets

              • Get soaked under the downpour
              • The texture is bit stiff

              Marmot is using its NanoPro fabric. As you move and sweat, this piece is going to breathe, keeping you drier from the inside.

              The full-length zipper equips a storm flap locked by Velcro closures prevents invasion of drops and wind.

              The hood is actually my favorite part of this jacket, which can be rolled into the collar to wear as a regular jacket or a windbreaker.

              As far as the fit and feel of this jacket, it doesn’t add any bulk to you. In fact, it feels roomy inside if I wear just a T-shirt. So, if you’re going to be wearing an insulating layer underneath of it, it’ll probably stay true to size. That said, I feel like it’s most suitable for wearing in moderate precipitation.

              Marmot Women’s PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket Specifications

              This unit will protect you from light splashes for an enjoyable jogging time

              Best For Layering: Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker Women Packable Raincoat

              Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker Women Packable Raincoat
              • Affordable
              • Thin and super lightweight
              • Soft and compressible material
              • Loose-fitting
              • Packable for travel

              • Only water-resistant
              • Flimsy zipper

              This jacket has a simple look and comes in a variety of favorite colors. Especially if all you need is just a layer to block sun and wind.

              It’s a windbreak made from super lightweight nylon acts as an efficient outer shell for the rainy season. Featuring a quick-drying function, the jacket wicked moistures out soon before I realized.

              If you worry about scorching under the jacket, the breathability of this unit will surprise you. Its single layer is thin enough to add almost zero bulk on you. That means you can add some insulation before putting on if the day gets cold. The best part is the price.

              Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker Women Packable Raincoat Specifications


              6.7 ounces



              Highlight Features

              Made from super thin and light nylon while staying functional in the rain and wind


              The jacket acts as a protective layer that weighs like nothing on your body.

              Men’s Running Jackets

              Best For Wild Runs: COLUMBIA Men's Watertight Breathable Rain Jacket

              COLUMBIA Men's Watertight Breathable Rain Jacket
              • Shield wind on breezy days
              • Good water resistance
              • Very light
              • Machine washable

              • Not waterproof for long hours
              • Cuffs may feel uncomfortable

              COLUMBIA doesn’t simply make a raincoat, but one with style for the wild. It’s got some Omnitech waterproofing in the nylon shell.

              There are multiple zippered pockets on the inside and outside, giving room for a bunch of things. It’s not going to be the best cold-weather rain gear, but it does give you some protection jogging in nature.

              It comes with adjustable cuffs and hems. The hood is domed to help keep the rain away. You can find little straps on each side to tighten the hood once you have it on.

              This coat runs a little big, so it may look baggy if you choose the wrong size.

              COLUMBIA Men’s Watertight Breathable Rain Jacket Specifications


              1 pound


              100% Nylon; Lining: 100% Polyester

              Highlight Features

              A microporous Omni-tech fabrication shield wet weather


              It was a no-regret choice buying this jacket as it saves me from the wind and rain as well as a hefty bill.

              Best For All Seasons: EZRUN Men's Rain Jacket

              EZRUN Men's Rain Jacket
              • Well breathability
              • Generous storage space
              • Usable in all seasons
              • Lightweight
              • Budget

              • Hand wash only
              • Back pocket hard to reach

              EZRUN’s jackets have been my favorite ever since I found this one. It’s a versatile and lightweight jacket to tackle with me through all seasons. The material is 100% nylon, guarantees a lightweight and breathable jacket.

              The hooded jacket with adjustable straps allows a snug fit for the greatest comfort while you’re on the road. While other raincoats feature adjustable cuffs, this jacket offers elastic ones to keep your inner layer dry.

              With two zippered pockets in front and another at the back, you’ll have more storage for what you need on the trip.

              EZRUN Men’s Rain Jacket Specifications


              10.1 ounces


              100% Nylon

              Highlight Features

              Produced to be lightweight and versatile with roomy pockets in the front and back


              This jacket is a fair windbreaker to deal with the rain of any season.

              Best For Cold Days: SWISSWELL Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear

              SWISSWELL Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear
              • Lightweight
              • Roomy interior
              • Durable fabric
              • Soft mesh inner layer

              • Size may run big
              • Hood is small

              I don’t prefer 100% polyester use, but I have to approve the quality of this raincoat on cold days. The latest waterproofing technology on this jacket will keep you from soak wet when meeting the rain.

              What’s great is you won’t make any contact with the polyester layer thanks to the mesh lining. That provides a soft interior while keeping your skin dry and free of moisture.

              This jacket is light and thin, allows you to stuff clothing underneath in chilling weather. Elastic cuffs will keep your inside dry and warm. You can take this jacket for any kind of outdoor activity.

              SWISSWELL Rain Coat for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear Specifications




              100% Polyester

              Highlight Features

              Exquisitely engineered shell 100% polyester with PU exterior wicks the moisture away from the soft interior extremely effectively


              Whatever the climate challenges, the jacket can handle the conditions to your expectations.

              How To Choose The Best Running Jackets For Rain?

              You can see waterproof jackets are great at keeping out the wind, rain, and snow. For running particularly, there are a few features involved you should know to make a more informed choice.


              • Rain jackets are waterproof for sure, but the ability to move moisture created by your body is vital for your comfort. It is the material that matters.
              • PU laminate seems to make the most breathable construction. It is a single sheet attached to the face fabric, making a lighter jacket and better ventilation. This kind of jacket is designed for more active activities. Running is one of them.

              Types Of Jackets

              There are three main categories including proprietary waterproofing technologies, gore-tex packed lite, and gore-tex pro shell

              • Waterproofing technologies: Less breathable but great waterproof. Suitable for walking and traveling.

              • Gore-tex packed lite: Fit a bit high-output activities with a reasonable waterproofing coat. Products are geared towards people who run and jog while keeping their inside dry.

              • Gore-tex pro shell: Made for heavy use like a backpack or rock climbing.


              A versatile rain jacket comes up with a number of features with would do you some sort of benefits on the run. Let’s look at them and determine which you really need.

              • Chest pocket: Having a good size internal chest pocket is essential to keep your phone, money, or keys.

              • Pit zippers: A must for those who run and need ventilation on the move without removing your walls with layers.

              • External pockets: Ideal for storing bits and pieces like map, tool, or anything that doesn’t harm when the weather gets wet.

              • Adjustable hood: This helps massively in the rain, wind, snow, and sun. Make sure you will adjust it to the point that doesn’t impede your vision. Helmet compatibility is good to have, but it adds extra bulk if never required.

              • Adjustable stuff: The more you can adjust your shell, the better as you’ll never get a perfect fit. Those in the cuffs, hems, peaks, and drawstrings will make you able to adapt to the ever-changing conditions the world brings you.

              Which Brands Make The Best Running Jackets For Rain?

              The North Face

              • The American brand name is familiar to those who love outdoor recreational activities. This brand presents to be a pioneer in supplying such products since 1966. It is famous for outdoor gear and apparel produced to tackle well with your venture.


              • Columbia is a big brother in the family, creating innovative outdoor gear since 1938. The company owns proprietary technologies in their sportswear products. While keeping the ethos of a family business, Columbia is made up of a team that keeps up the hard work and brings the vibe of the great Pacific Northwest into their exceptional items.


              What is the best waterproof material?

              According to the BBC, science has got inspired by nasturtium leaves and butterfly wings. From there, they created a new super-hydrophobic material with the same pattern said to have the most waterproofing surface ever. It is going to apply to any moisture-resistant products.

              But whatever before this new-coming material, we have Gore-tex standing in the first spot.

              What is the best waterproof jacket material?

              Waterproof fabric is available in a large variety. So, it's hard to determine which is the best, but I can say what type is efficient. Rainproof jackets can make use of vinyl, nylon, polyester, oilcloth, microfiber, Nanotex, Gore-tex, and many other patented types.

              Among them, nylon and polyester offer durability and moderate water resistance. However, it's likely to get you soaked if you're exposing long hours under the shower. The most waterproof windproof fabric is probably Gore-tex. Besides blocking liquid, the material is also well-breathable. I don't prefer vinyl because it's not eco-friendly.

              That said, for me, I would pay a bit extra for a Gore-tex jacket or other types of fabric that are backed with proprietary technologies.

              Is water-resistant good for rain?

              Water resistant is ok for rain, and it keeps you dry for a short period. If you need something more protective, opt for waterproofing or water-repellent products.

              What should I wear for marathon rain?

              In a sloshy race situation, you should wear non-cotton or loose clothing; form-fitting is the most suitable. If it's not too blowy, consider a thin jacket that resists water in case of showering. If it's not going to rain, you don't have to worry about the jacket causing any burden on you.

              Are running jackets waterproof?

              Waterproof running jacket is a common category. It keeps water off from the outside while allowing body heat to escape from the inside. The ability to proof moisture depends on the material used on the fabric. You may go back and read the best type of waterproofing material.


              That’s pretty much what I want to share with you about the best running jackets for rain. It could be a bit confusing about the type of material, but most of my choices above give you sufficient weather protection under the rain.

              Don’t worry if things seem a bit tricky. I am right here. Drop any question, and I’ll be answering. Thank you for reading, and please share if you like this article. See ya!

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